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If you are an Instagram user, you’ll know that if a person stopped following you, the Instagram app won’t notify you to tell you when it happened and who it was. Luckily for you, there are some great third-party solutions available. On Instagram, the traditional way to know the person that unfollowed you is by knowing the exact number of followers you have and manually checking the “Following” list of other people to be certain if they are still following you.

It is very obvious that this is both an impractical and a time-consuming work. It gets even harder if you have many followers that regularly fluctuate. If you notice a decline in your follower count on Instagram and you want to know who decided to stop following you, there are some methods you can use to track it. If you pinpoint the exact users who unfollowed you for whatever reason, you can attempt to communicate with them a bit in order to get them to follow you again.

However, you can’t use the Instagram app alone to do this. Discussed below are some third-party apps you can link to your account on Instagram so you’ll be able to track and know who exactly unfollowed you.


Unfollowgram is one of the simplest tools you can use to see who stopped following you on Instagram. This tool was created for this purpose alone. To instantly see who unfollowed you, all you need to do is to link it to your Instagram account. After you have connected it to your Instagram account, Unfollowgram will request for your email address. Afterwards, you’ll be taken to your dashboard and will be given instructions on how it actually works.

From that point onward, the tool will start to track any user who unfollows you. All you need to do is to sign in or tap the “Check” button shown at the top to get your up-to-date stats. Along the top is an additional menu of options. You can check it out if you want to be particular about a mutual following. This means apart from finding out the specific people that unfollowed you, you can also see the users you don’t follow back, as well as those that don’t follow you back.

It is important you know that Unfollowgram is not a mobile app and you can only access it on the normal web. However, you can access it on your smartphone through web browsers. This means you don’t always have to use a computer or PC each time you want to see who unfollowed you on Instagram.


Unlike Unfollowgram, InstaFollow is a mobile app that can be easily downloaded on smartphones and connected to your account on Instagram. This app is however only available for iOS devices for now.
It is designed to primarily track follower stats as well as insights for users, engagement, and media.

When you use the app to find people to follow and also have other users follow you (it may be through shoutouts or s4s), you will be shown a summary of your overall follower statistics on your main tab. These stats include lost followers, new followers, people who blocked you, people you don’t follow back, and people who don’t follow you back.

If you want to see a well-detailed list of users who unfollowed you, click “Have Unfollowed Me” in the option menu. Beside each person’s username is a follow button in case you feel like attempting to win them back by following them yourself.

Additionally, if you want to unblock someone you’ve previously blocked either intentionally or by mistake, you can use InstaFollow to easily do it.



This is a social media optimization tool you can use with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks for free. All that is required is for you to sign up and grant the tool access to connect to your account on Instagram so you can find out who decided to unfollow you. Signing up for Statusbrew is absolutely free. You’ll be taken to your dashboard once you’ve successfully signed up and linked it to your account. You’ll see a box showing your Instagram profile photo and username, click “Audience”. A new tab will be displayed, check the sidebar shown on the left. Locate and click New Unfollowers, you’ll see the people who unfollowed you.

If the tool asks you to upgrade to premium, it’s highly likely you won’t be shown anything. This is because the free account only has some basic features which unfortunately do not include seeing those that unfollowed you. It would be great if you choose to upgrade as you can request to get updates via email immediately anyone unfollows you. However, this is only available for premium subscribers. To set this up, go to your settings and click on Preferences, locate the subscription tab and select whichever plan you want from the list.


What to Do After Seeing Those Who Unfollowed You

The decision is really up to you once you find out the people who stopped following you on Instagram by using the services mentioned above. You may choose to try to get them to follow you again or you can forget them.

You should know that you need to put in time and hard work if you are trying to engage them again. You may need to start following them, commenting on their posts and liking them.
It is also really important for businesses to try to retain followers as well as customers.